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About me

Studio Croker is creative pottery workshop. It is logical upgrade of my lifetime interests in arts, crafts and design.

My name is Igor Romich and this is my story...

I experimented with many different medias in different places. Novi Sad (Serbia), Berlin (Germany), Zagreb (Croatia). Music, painting, writing... but my heart started to pump faster when I took a clump of clay for the first time. It was a feeling just like coming back home after a long, long journey. My big love is pottery wheel and functional ceramics is what keeps my motor running. Over the years I took part on many Croatian and international projects, from art workshops to serial production of ceramics. I mastered all types of making ceramic products but pottery wheel was always my first choice.
I have designed over 1000 ceramic products. My design deliberations are leaned on following priorities: functionality, quality, simplicity.
My goal is to link this ancient craft with modern business demands and to keep manufacture as relevant economy activity. Respecting nature and passion for creating is my guideline. For more detail please send me an email.


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