Few words from our master potter and owner of Studio Croker, Igor Romich…

Dear friend, when I decided to start Pottery studio, back in 2003, that was a reckless decision! Didn’t have any knowledge, any business background, no studio space. Just enormous enthusiasm and personal will to create functional pottery. Over past 18 years my studio has grown, ups brought happiness and satisfaction, downs brought lot of gray hairs but made me stronger for future challenges.  And today, I don’t regret a single hour spent in my studio.It is logical upgrade of my lifetime interests in arts, crafts and design.

Before pottery I experimented with many different medias in different places. Novi Sad (Serbia), Berlin (Germany), Zagreb (Croatia). Music, painting, writing… But my heart started to pump faster when I took a clump of clay for the first time. It was a feeling like finally arriving back home after a long, long journey.
My big love is pottery wheel and functional ceramics is what keeps my motor running. Over the years I took part on many Croatian
and international projects, from art workshops to serial production of ceramics. I mastered all types of making ceramic products but
pottery wheel was always my first choice.

My design deliberations are leaned on following priorities: functionality, quality, simplicity.

My goal is to link this ancient craft with modern business demands and to keep manufacture as relevant economy activity.

Respecting nature and passion for creating is my guideline.

Hope you’ll enjoy my pottery as much as I enjoyed creating it.




Please note that making of plates on pottery wheel is a slow process.
Because every our plate or bowl is made by hand, small imperfections or deviation in dimensions and form are possible.
That gives a touch of magic to our hand crafted plates. All products are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Also, we all use different type of monitors and monitor settings. Therefore, slight differences in colour may be result. We take our photos in professional studio under day light but we can not be responsible for colour apperance on your monitor.


All plates are handcrafted on potters wheel, carefully designed to fulfill aesthetic and functionality demands for everyday usage.
With it’s style fusion it fits in modern and rustically walks of life.
Our dishes are made of stoneware, very durable nature material which is dishwasher and microwave safe.
Because of the hand made process small imperfections and deviations in form and color are possible.


Studio Cro ker

Igor Romić

Malogorička 76, Brezje

10431 Sveta Nedelja


Tel: +385 (98) 477 698

Email: pottery@croker.hr

Web: www.croker.hr

VAT: HR84469072701

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